Elysian Fields – Silver Eye’s Crew

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Elvina ‘Silver Eye’ Gale

The infamous human pirate known as Silver Eye, Elvina has gained quite the reputation over her relatively short time as a pirate. Attacked by a band of roaming thieves at a young age, this young pirate vowed to become one of the strongest in Mars space – and in just a few short years – she did. By collecting a large crew of outcasts from all species, she amassed one of the strongest multi-species pirate groups around, leading to her immense infamy and respect among the other pirate clans.

Elvina and her crew tends to reside around the pirate neutral zone, Firefly. Firefly is a plorb that was originally used as a manufacturing hub, before degrading into a hive of piracy. The various clans decided to make Firefly a neutral zone, granting pirates, renegades and thugs from all factions the ability to discuss matters, trade, and generally interact without the fear of getting a plasma bolt thrown their way. The nearby asteroid fields? Not so much.

Qzard En Dee V’a’ll

Qzard is an Ursovon, shunned by his people for his rejection of their militaristic ways, who found himself alongside Elvina during her early days. Qzard instantly became her protector, body guard and adviser, leading to his current role as her first mate and HR manager. Together, they built up Elvina’s crew and reputation, and he continues to be her calming presence and a source of sound judgement.

Shu Ul’athol

Shu is not a source of sound judgement. Shu is a crazed Jallan who joined Elvina’s crew early on, and very promptly netted himself a place as her primary pilot and navigator. Unlike the calmness of most Jallan, Shu was born with a insatiable need for flying fast and flying dangerously. He quickly bought the fastest ship he could and took part in many questionably legal races. Despite this, Shu has never once crashed or even damaged a ship he’s piloted (by his own direct actions, anyway), and his immense skills proved immediately desirable to Elvina and Qzard. They just make sure not to listen to any of his non-flying plans.

Elysian Fields – Crafting and Upgrading

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Now, managing your own plorb is great and all, but basic plot setups aren’t fantastic, and things can certainly be improved. How, you ask? By using you’re collected resources to make upgrades of course!

In Elysian Fields, almost everything can be upgraded, be it animal pens and crop fields, to your ship, yourself and even your own workshop tools! To upgrade, simply head over to your workshop with some materials in hand – say from managing your farms or mining in space – and get to work!

A very early version of your future workshop

Your workshop contains a number of machines, left over from the old owner of this plorb, including a saw bench for handling wooden materials, a furnace and metal working station for handling metals, an electronics bench for handling circuitry and a 3D material printer for creating complex products. Luckily, most of this work is automated – all you need to use these machines are the raw materials, a recipe and some time. Select your recipe, wait a short while, and enjoy your new products!

Some examples of upgrades would include such things as better fences for animal pens, soil monitors for fields and automatic resource collectors to remove the tedium of visiting each plot in turn. Unfortunately, your workshop machines as they start out are not perfect, and some recipes prove far too complex, so why not upgrade those as well? Obviously you can just buy upgrades from the market, but these feature a massive price markup, and some upgrades can only be created by your own hands at any rate, so it’s best to invest in your own workshop. And who knows, you might make some new discoveries along the way?

A rough implementation of the crafting interface, showing some basic crafting.

Products are not just for upgrading, though. Raw resources that have been refined tend to be worth more than their raw counterpart, and if you plan on maximizing profit on the trading markets, it would be wise to at least refine your metal ores into metal ingots. Upgrades themselves also tend to be worth more than their constituent parts, but the market buys them at a greatly reduced value if it even buys them at all, so it’s probably not worth the effort for a tiny bit of extra cash unless you happen to have surplus.

So that’s it for this week. We know this was a small update, but crafting and upgrading are planned to play a pretty large role in Elysian Fields, primarily facilitating the farming side of the game, rather than the ship exploration part, although some ship upgrades will also require crafting, and many crafting resources require ship exploration, such as mining asteroids or raiding treasure plorbs. Wait, but what are treasure plorbs? You’ll have to find out in a future update!

-Team Novadawn