Announcing Exim

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Exim Teaser Image

Today we’re proud to announce the development of Exim

Exim is a game of death, deduction and debate with a complex branching narrative. Drawing inspiration from games and series like Danganronpa, Ace Attorney and AI: The Somnium FIles, you’ll need to use your detective and debate skills to argue your case and find the culprits to a string of murders. Part Visual Novel and part third person exploration, the game features an immersive narrative experience with a world that reacts to your choices, meaning you might have to live with, or die by, the outcome of your decisions.

The game takes place in the somewhat distant future. A colonization mission, one of the first to leave the solar system, is taking place and you – along with a collection of elite colonists – have been chosen for the mission. Unfortunately, due to a miscalculation, you and your fellow crew have been awakened from cryostasis to discover yourselves stranded on an uninhabitable planet with a damaged ship and only a handful of survivors. With dwindling resources and the threat of imminent asphyxiation on a remote planet, you and the other crew members must repair the ship, prepare yourself for rescue, and avoid the stresses the situation puts upon you all.

And then a body is discovered, the only possible culprit being one of your crew mates.

When the worst occurs, it’s up to you to find evidence, build your argument then weed out the cause and the perpetrator. Be aware though, your choices and accusations may have dire consequences for those around you – the situation is never as black and white as you think.

Development is already under way, with a solid start on some of the games systems, design and plot, and we’ll have more to show you in due course. We’ve still got a long way to go, but wanted to give you insight into our process, as well as updates on the game.

We hope you’ll stick around and look forward to sharing our game with you!

Visit the Exim site here!

Project Announcement

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Hi everyone, we have some exciting news on the way about a new game that we’re currently developing, so we wanted to clear up some possible questions first.

The majority of our followers will be here as a result of Elysian Fields and though we haven’t discarded EF as a future project, there’s a lot we want to do with the game that we hope we’ll be able to do justice in the future. However, we decided it was for the best to put the project on hold for the time being.

After we tried our hand at Kickstarter last year and didn’t manage to meet our funding goal, despite doing well and being incredibly thankful for everyone who helped, we took a step back, and unfortunately with the ongoing state of the world at the moment, rekindling the passion we had has been difficult. We don’t want to create EF whilst believing it wouldn’t be the best it can be.

The new game that’s currently in development is still undoubtedly ambitious for a 2 man team, but feels a lot more familiar to us. Inspired by some of our favourite games, it’s almost the opposite of Elysian Fields, most obviously in tone, but it’s helped us to find a drive to create during these “unprecedented times”.

We’ve had this game on the backburner for over a year now, originally as a side project, so we’re excited to finally feel ready to announce it. We’re still a long way off completion but want to keep a development blog. It’ll be less formal than our Elysian Fields updates, and for the time being at least, we’ll be posting as we have updates and ideas, instead of sticking to a strict schedule.

This change will hopefully decrease the stress we were feeling over rushing work to meet our self-imposed fortnightly targets and may even eventually lead to more frequent but smaller updates. As a result it’s taking us a little longer to complete aspects of the game, but we’re already seeing our work reach a higher quality than EF and hope that as development continues, this will only improve with time.

We hope everyone is staying safe and finding time for themselves amidst the current chaos, and we look forward to making our announcement as soon as we’re ready!

– Kadan and Dan (Team Novadawn)

Introduction to Elysian Fields

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Take to the stars, care for and cultivate your own micro planets, or explore the expanse of space. In Elysian Fields your adventure is up to you.

Elysian Fields is a Farming Adventure set over a thousand years in the future, where many planets have been destroyed, replaced by mini-planets and black holes. You’ve managed to acquire a Plorb (A ‘planet orb’) all of your own, and now it’s your job to care for it and its inhabitants.

Farm your plorb and care for its occupants, then blast off from planetside life and set sail for a sea of stars and cities. Trade with scattered humans and aliens, fight off space-pirates and discover new worlds. The universe is your oyster.



Care for your crops and animals, some familiar and others from further afield.


A field of purples



Restore your Plorb to its former glory. Craft solutions and improvements to expand and better look after your planets occupants.

Plorb development

Proposed design

The proposed final design for the Home Plorb


Set sail for the stars and discover new lands, new species and make questionable friends and rivals.

In-Game screenshot of space travel


Early Alien concept designs


We’re still in the early stages of development on Elysian Fields, but already we’re making big steps and have some early gameplay prototypes up and running.

With all going to plan, we hope to have an early access version of Elysian Fields available by the end of the year.