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Introduction to Elysian Fields


Take to the stars, care for and cultivate your own micro planets, or explore the expanse of space. In Elysian Fields your adventure is up to you.

Elysian Fields is a Farming Adventure set over a thousand years in the future, where many planets have been destroyed, replaced by mini-planets and black holes. You’ve managed to acquire a Plorb (A 'planet orb') all of your own, and now it’s your job to care for it and its inhabitants.

Farm your plorb and care for its occupants, then blast off from planetside life and set sail for a sea of stars and cities. Trade with scattered humans and aliens, fight off space-pirates and discover new worlds. The universe is your oyster.



Care for your crops and animals, some familiar and others from further afield. 




Restore your Plorb to its former glory. Craft solutions and improvements to expand and better look after your planets occupants.

Plorb Development

Plorb Development

An early sketch of the player's home plorb with a variety of biomes visible.
Initial Plorb Design
An more refined sketch of the player's home plorb with a variety of biomes visible.
A more refined Plorb design
A coloured concept showing the player's home plorb with a variety of biomes visible. The home barn can be found at the top of the planet.
The proposed final concept for the player's home Plorb
An early form of the plorb as shown in game. Currently, only a few buildings are visible, alongside an asteroid shield and a tower that lets the player access the spacecraft hanger.
The Plorb as it currently appears in-game


Set sail for the stars and discover new lands, new species and make questionable friends and rivals.

In-Game screenshot of space travel



We’re still in the early stages of development on Elysian Fields, but already we’re making big steps and have some early gameplay prototypes up and running.

With all going to plan, we hope to have an early access version of Elysian Fields available by the end of the year.



Reference image for the Terran Chicken, a mostly white chicken that's very round.
Chk A
A small, round, yellow Terran Chick, that looks an awful lot like a real Earth chick.
Chk B
A fully grown Terran Chicken, sporting its distinctive red highlights and round shape.
Chk C