Who Are We

We are a small two person up-and-coming indie development studio that focuses on game development. We have a lot of ideas, and a lot of drive, and we hope you enjoy some of what we make!


What We Do


Atropos is a semi-open world role playing game based within the bustling heart of Manchester, England. It follows the story of five young adults and the people they meet along the way as they deal with juggling the realities of life – work, rent, social life, and the manifestation of supernatural abilities.

Play as Agi Powell, a young woman regaining her life after a change in circumstances, who stumbles into a confusing world intertwined with the supernatural. Gaining esoteric abilities and a group of close friends, she learns to deal with an ever increasing list of threats and dangers, and aims to learn just what the hell is going on.

Elysian Fields

Elysian Fields is an open solar system farming + semi-space sim. Run your micro planet (Planet orb, or ‘plorb’) for resources, and use those resources to explore the solar system of the far future. Find friends and frenemies, trade them carrots or eggs from your chickens, and take back their weird alien sheep or future-bananas to expand your farm!